Headaches, Stiff Necks, and Aching Jaw

You may be surprised, but teeth clenching at night has been shown to cause achy jaws, sore teeth, stiff neck, and migraine headaches. The high-intensity contractions of your powerful jaw muscles becomes painful from prolonged contractions, and the forces generated causes pressure and pain to surrounding tissues, joints, and other muscles. Our office is happy to offer a new FDA approved system called NTI-tss (tension supression system) that is designed to medically treat these symptoms, you may have heard about it as it was featured on Good Morning America.

In a single visit we can custom-make a NTI system for you to wear at night. This tiny clear-plastic device fits over your top two front teeth and makes clenching impossible. In a few days or weeks your clenching reflex becomes gradually suppressed.

This system is superior over a traditional dental nightguard or TMJ splint as those devices offer a “bite-down” surface. However, some studies have shown that these devices can actually increase the intensity of your clenching reflex! The NTI system works by preventing the posterior teeth from making contact, there is no surface to bite onto. The temporalis muscles are kept from contracting with their usual intensity, ultimately leading to its suppression and eventual elimination.