Crowns, Bridges and Implants

1 Visit 3-D Printed Crowns

Gone are the days of biting into goopy gunk and wearing temporary crowns.  Our office has an advanced CAD/CAM crown maker by Sirona that can make advanced all ceramic crowns in a single visit, all right in front of your eyes.  This means you only have to get numbed up once, no temporaries need to be worn, and that you’ll walk out wearing your permanent crown at the end of the visit.

Crowns are made and placed over existing tooth structure to replace decayed or broken teeth.  Crowns are always recommended after a root canal in order to prevent fracture and breaking of the tooth.  The advantage of ceramic crowns is that there aren’t any metals which can provoke certain allergies, and are very natural looking.

Gold crown place on back molar

Porcelain Crown on frontal incisor

Bridges are made to replace a tooth that is completely missing or knocked out, the replacement tooth is fused to the neighboring teeth, “bridging” the gap in between. It is made either from gold or porcelain depending on the situation.

Implants also replace a completely missing/knocked out tooth. The replacement tooth is attached directly into the jaw bone, and does not require healthy neighboring teeth to be ground down.  While at one point implants are rather complex and painful, nowadays they’re easier, faster, and much less painful.  In fact all of our patients after receiving an implant comment that getting the tooth extracted was far worse than putting one back in.