Advanced Dentures

Soft, form-fitting silicone cushions

Dentures are made from a hard plasticine material that is directly seated over the gums. Overtime, little by little, it will become more and more ill-fitting as the contours of the gums naturally change with age while the denture itself remains rigid. Our office can now modify your current dentures with a “cushiony” lining of specially designed soft silicone. Your dentures will not only fit better and be more secure, but also be as soft as cloud against your gums.

This procedure is done in a single visit and you will not have to go without your dentures.

Mini, easy implants to lock in loose fitting dentures

If you’re unhappy with how loose your dentures are and find yourself always having to use that goop to get them to stay, we have some great solutions! ¬†We are very excited to offer a new novel mini-implant system that is at half the cost, with no incisions/stitches, and best of all, no wait time for healing. You wear them home the very day and can eat at your favorite restaurant the same night! Our patients have been very happy with this procedure and have given us great positive feedback on having their full speech and chewing functions restored!

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Comfortable, Soft, Flexi – Partials

Go from this … If you’re tired of having a rigid, irritating piece of harsh metal in your mouth while wearing your partial denture, call us and ask about having a soft and flexible partial made. This “flexi-partial” is custom-made based on the contours of your mouth, and will blend in perfectly with your natural tissues. Best of all? It feels great!
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