About Dr. Yu

Dr. Yu has over 30+ years of experience as a practicing dentist. He graduated from the University of Buffalo School of Dentistry and served as a faculty member there for seven years. He and his wife Lisa, daughter and son relocated to sunny Santa Maria in 1996. After spending several years in dental research at Den-Mat Corp. he decided to open his own office to best provide affordable, gentle dental care to the Santa Maria community. Dr. Yu enjoys hiking the surrounding Central Coast area and displays many of his photographs at the office.

Dr. Yu’s tremendous clinical skills and experience stems from his many years of practicing dentistry, particularly while as a dentist in China due to the extremely large volume of patients that came into his clinic, and the huge variety of oral ailments which he has treated. Furthermore, Dr. Yu’s expertise in dental research allows him to integrate the most appropriate devices, materials and technologies into his office so that his patients may receive the best care possible. Dr. Yu has contributed to and published many papers in dental journals throughout his years of involvement in dental materials research.

Recently Dr. Yu’s son, Dr. Jerry Yu has joined our office on a part-time basis.  Dr. Jerry is a graduate of St. Joseph High School locally, completed his dental training at New York University and has worked for several rehabilitation clinics and hospitals on the East Coast.  He has a passion for learning and travels extensively to learn, and implement the latest techniques to our offices.  Dr. Jerry has added a wide range of dental surgery services to provide affordable, gentle care to our Santa Maria community.